The Infectious Humor of the Moment

He sits at his desk
looking out the window.
A male cardinal flits
from branch to branch
in the bush brushing
against the pane. The
female joins the male
and after chasing each
other from branch to
branch, they fly away.
He watches his neighbor
pushing the thin layer
of fluffy snow down his
driveway, lifting the
shovel almost effort-
lessly, tossing the
flakes away. The east
wind blows the snow
back in the neighbor’s
face, covering his
Carhartt jacket,
gloves and cap.
The neighbor lets
out a hearty laugh
as the last of the
flying flakes enter
his mouth. He coughs
loudly, the sound
faintly heard by
the man as he smiles
and turns his atten-
tion to his desk
and the matter at

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