“The Poor” — A Wealthy, White Perspective

“India’s poor,
in spite of their situations,
have smiles above limitations,”
uttered the rich,
white man on a tour.
“Poor, black slaves were happy
before the Emancipation
stated a wealthy, white man,
owner of a plantation.
“Walk a mile in my
moccasins,” goes
the Native American
The two wealthy,
white men prefer
moccasins, made
in the good, old US of A.
Sorry, Misters Charlie.
Minnetonkas are owned
by a rich, white man
and have been manufactured
in China and the
Dominican Republic quite awhile
in great capitalistic style.
“Ah, the glories of capitalism,”
stated said Misters
Charlie with dollar signs
for eyes and big, greedy smiles,
“In those moccasins, we would
gladly walk a mile.”

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