Thoughts After Being Driven Off the Road and Almost Killed By a Young Adult Male In A Small Honda Crossing the Line In a No Passing Zone and Almost Crashing Into Oncoming Traffic and Then Flipping Me the Bird

I have little taste even to entertain so much
as a distaste and disdain for the noxious
effluence rising from our ever more barbaric
culture. Society smells more and more like

the putrid scent from sewerage treatment
plants. I sniff the sewage laden culture
of what passes for discourse but is so
course a wood plane couldn’t smooth it,

and so I gag. What has become of us? What
has become of the simple rules of etiquette:
please, thank you, excuse me? We have burrowed
into our stinky, death laden dens emerging

only to offend and not make amends. I do
believe in the “trickle down theory” only
it isn’t about economics, it is about greed
descending to those who have been cut off

from any access to the “good life” as defined
by ubiquitous, crass, capitalistic commercials
paid for by the one percenters who want the
poor and poorer and poorest to pay to have

the one percenters’ products, while the stupid
one percenters don’t have the brains to know
that once the middle-class becomes poor and
the poor are then in abject poverty, there are

no slices of the pie and no one has anything
with which to buy anything and all that trickles
down is hate, upon hate, upon hate. And no one
even bothers to say, “I’m sorry.”

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