A Love Muffin?

Every time I start liking “W,”
due mostly to the contrast
with the present (p)-resident,
because “W” seems a pleasant gent,
I remember that “W”s administration
was responsible
for the dissemination
of false information
about weapons of
mass destruction
giving carte blanche
to an invasion
that did cause
mass destruction
resulting in about a million deaths
after that
unforgivable deception.
Still, he is kind of mellow,
duped by Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld —
the polar opposites of nice fellows,
clamoring for oil and using torture
while the president pitifully insisted
he was the decider and enforcer.
Still, while some might claim
his administration was fiendish,
he certainly looks like a little, love muffin
in comparison to the
self-proclaimed, stable genius
with little fingers close
to the big red button.

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