A Modern Romantic Evening

When young, we wished for a romantic
fire in a working fireplace and real
paraffin candles, sandalwood scented,
of course, strategically placed around
the room to create just the right mood.

Ah, what bliss. Oh, what work.

So, with the progress of technology we
heralded the dawn of remotes. Now, we
light the electric fire in the fireplace,
turn on the simulated crackling sound
of a fire on a CD to coordinate with
the rotating lights in the fireplace and
light the battery operated candles while
clinking glasses of wine and watching
Masterpiece Theater all from the comfort
of our recliners.

Ah, what bliss.

After snoozing awhile in the comfortable
chair, my wife rose and as she wandered
off to bed, said, “Darling, don’t forget to
turn off the stereo and the TV, make sure
the fire is out, and snuff out the candles,”
and four remotes she handed to me. I called
after her, “Goodnight, my dearest darling,”
and stayed up for the news.

Oh, what work she leaves to me.

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