Go On, Koan*

Go on, Koan,
give us some Zen
and then we’ll pretend
we have something to go on

to solve the riddle
and become enlightened
before we skedaddle
to take a piddle.

We keep changing
the rhyme scheme —
thinking, perhaps, in rearranging,
enlightenment eternal will spring.

But alas, off to the Johnny
we must run,
but along the way
we certainly had some fun,

even though
Koan always knows
that we certainly don’t know
and enlightenment again
was a no-show.

Except we know the we is one —
duality to nonduality is the koan.
But if the we is one, then I’m
the one having all the fun.

Enlightenment is mine
and I just won
and this little piggie cried we, we, we,
No, me, me, me all the way home
without the koan
But with this silly poem.

Oops, I forgot about Johnny.

*idea for this silly poem came from a serious and excellent poem
at a poet’s blog site

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