On Not Paying Attention in High School Biology

The Good Book says that we
were to “name” all the creatures.
He doesn’t know the names
but he knows the features.

He knows a Magpie from a Mayfly
while not knowing which name goes with which.
He knows the things that crawl and those that fly
but couldn’t name them in a pinch.

He knows an oak from a cedar from a pine,
but not by name
and perhaps that is just fine
because he loves it all, just the same,
even without knowing the names.

He walks the woods and fords the streams
while singing praises to the creator
of all those glorious living things,
even though he’s a non-namer.

Though, maybe he should get a good field book
so he could, at least, name a few birds in the air
and fish in the brook.

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