Barking Up the Wrong Tree about Fait Accompli

King David was vain, arrogant, an accomplice to murder
(in fact he ordered it), so he could satisfy
the lust in his eye. He danced naked around the
ark of the covenant as celebration of the fait accompli
of establishing Jerusalem as the capital for
all Israelis.

Know anyone else in a position of power
who is vain, arrogant and always seeks to satisfy
the lust in his eye? He didn’t dance naked when
deciding that the US embassy would move to
Jerusalem, but it is rumored he danced naked
on a bed while celebrating the Golden Stream
and that wasn’t in a dream.

King David was ordained by Yahweh to lead the
people of God into battle after battle till victory
was won and the Holy Land was one.

White evangelicals believe Jesus, Son of David,
is the fulfillment of the promises of God, for
all white people will come to worship in Jerusalem.

Donald is the Wannabe King and his white
evangelical followers see that he is the Son
of David leading the children of God to battle
so that the white kingdom will be won.

King David was the one ordained by God.
King Donald is the one ordained by God.

It’s amazing to what lengths white people will
go in their xenophobic, nationalistic, homophobic,
jingoistic, misogynistic fear — to spuriously
speciously, completely erroneously link faith
history to their lunacy.

At the same time, it is kind of an ingenious
comparison, but then again even Satan quotes
scripture and Jesus, Son of David, stood strong
against that temptation and in Jesus’ all-inclusive
love, justice and mercy, all can shout,
without fear, eternal peace with elation.

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