The Soothsayer Will Ask Rhetorically

Spurinna, the soothsayer, spoke, “Caesar,
beware the Ides of March.” Caesar said,

“The Ides have come,” flaunting a false
prophesy. Another said, “But they have

not gone.” When that Roman holy day
was gone, so would be the deified Julius —

the day god died. Cassius plunged the
knife as did Brutus with Julius asking

as he fell, “E tu, Brute?” Just another
example of political betrayal. If a

certain president with a god complex
reveals profound political vulnerability

causing, by association, party vulner-
ability, the Ides of March could march

any day of any month with former close
allies plunging the metaphorical knife

and once again the question will echo
through the hallowed halls, “E tu, Brute?”

And the soothsayer Spurinna will ask
rhetorically, “Was there any doubt?”

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