For That One Particular Pearl

The professor preached in chapel
back in the day.
Of all the preaching that I heard,
I recall what he had to say.
It was about high principles
and simple, lowly love of in a particular way.
It seems Bertrand Russell, so the story goes,
incensed by injustice’s cause
went off to fight, high-mindedly, modestly —
not thinking of applause,
but in the process, he abandoned
his mistress, at the time,
apparently destitute, now left stranded.
While Bertrand fought against oppression
his mistress, some say with child,
lost her wits and found lunacy’s possession.
She committed suicide, again the story goes,
while Bertrand nobly fought ideological foes.
And so,
the professor advised,
if you wish to save the world,
first look just right before your eyes
and love and sacrifice for that one particular pearl —
love’s greatest prize,
yes, right there in front of your eyes.
Then, emerging from your shells
as only love can do,
march off together
proclaiming justice and love
universally, eternally unfurled.

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