Psycho on Psycho

It is now psycho on psycho —
Get the talks out-of-the-way
So we can bomb the hell out
Of them and then they will
Know that we are in charge
Of the international show.
So says the most recently
Appointed National Security
Advisor, the guy With the
Outrageously obscene mustache
Which serves for him to hide
From most everything (can’t
Read his lips) not counting
His hiding from being drafted
Into serving in the military —
Another draft-dodging-super-
Hero who wants us to bomb,
Bomb, bomb the shit out of
Everything and everyone in
Order for him to show that
His mustache is really,
Really unbelievably for
Real, seriously for real.
Isn’t that what is im-
Portant — seriously,
Of course, the mustache?
The mustache.

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