Generous and Jaded Souls Unite

Some generous but naive soul said she
thought the (p)-resident lived in a parallel universe.
A less than generous and somewhat jaded
if not outright cynical soul
(or spot-on realist) said, “Not to be perverse,
I think the (p)-resident is an evil soul
who lives in a big, black hole,
and sucks the life blood from the earth
and sends a vulture back
with dead-on-arrival still births,
which pile up as a plethora of death
while politicians spout shibboleths
and we all just wait feeling helpless
for nuclear mega-death.”
The generous soul said, “You may be right.
But I’m joining the peaceful, non-violent
protest affirming justice and life.”
The once-jaded soul said, “You may not be right,
but I’ll join you in that good fight.”

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