Second Guessing

In retrospect, he wonders
if he should have said anything in front of the kid —
the calling out of the kid’s dad for being a jerk.
The kid would learn soon enough,
or maybe not.
Maybe the kid would emulate dad,
learning from a pro about jerkitude.
Is there an innate quality of moral rectitude,
something in the marrow of the bones
that alerts us to jerkitude?
Bad to the bone?
Leave that alone.
The man does wonder about that ride home.
Did dad say anything — self justifying?
Did the kid?
Did the kid just wonder about what happened?
Soon enough.
Still, the man wonders whether or not he
had been a jerk —
second guessing, confessing, protesting,
questioning, semi-self castigating,
somewhat distressing,
mind messing, exhausting…
second guessing.

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