So Much for Mother Love

Our newly adopted six-year-old
Chocolate Lab girl, rescued

from a breeder farm, fresh from
delivering her last litter follow-

ed by the requisite spaying (Oh,
what she has been through), was

given a soft toy with a squeaker.
Bree, the name we gave her and

a very quiet girl with a sagging
tummy and droopy teats, moaned

and whined as she played with
the toy, ever so careful not

to hurt it. My wife looked at
me with a sad face and asked,

“Is it one of her puppies? Is
she missing her puppies?” “Is

that one of your babies, Bree?”
Bree moaned in response, break-

ing our hearts. “You’re a good
mama, Bree.” Then Sweet L’ Baby

Girl mercilessly chewed up the
toy. So much for mother love.

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