what the ad says is heaven

the ad was all about keeping up
with the joneses, kellys, smiths
and showed all their pretty, young,
white faces. we are just trying to
keep up with ourselves. it’s a
noble task — keeping up with our-
selves and then letting ourselves
go…and then finding ourselves be-
fore we then have to go….keeping
up with anyone else is exhausting
and futile and besides, we like
our lives so much more than we
like anyone else’s life and like
an old friend used to say, “why
would i try to cheat on my wife?
it’s exhausting enough just lov-
ing and living with one person.”
it’s exhausting exponentially
trying to be better-than-some-
other-something instead of just
being, but that is what the ad
says is heaven. but then again,
there are the olsons. kidding.
sort of….

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