The Bargain

For the umpteenth time, dad forgot
to pick up his daughter from the
grade school, which is just around
the corner from where he works.
He ran to the school to find the
girl sitting all by herself on the
front steps of the school all the
other students having left. “Sorry,
sweetie. Would like to stop at the
bakery for a donut and a hot
chocolate?” Half way through the
donut, his daughter said, “Dad,
it is nice of you to buy me a donut
when you forget to pick me up
from school and I do love you,
but could you try a little harder
to remember to pick me up?”
Dad winced and said, “I’m
sorry, babe. I’ll do better.” Then
she finished the donut and
drank the hot chocolate. “And
don’t worry,” she said, “”I won’t
tell mom about the donut and
I will do better about
eating all my dinner.”

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