The three photos had been patched
into one, long before it could be
easily done on the computer — three

faces of handsome men, all about
the same age — two round faces,
one with thick, wavy, blond hair,

one with thick, wavy, black hair
and one long, slim face with thick,
straight, black hair. The slim

faced one was the father and the
two round-faced ones were his
sons. The slim faced one died

when the two round-faced ones
were thirteen and eleven. The
two round-faced ones were separat-

ed, never to be reunited, when
they were eight and six at the
time of their round-faced, thick,

wavy, blond-haired mother’s death
along with her stillborn baby girl
who, if she had lived, would have

been round-faced or slim-faced with
thick, wavy blond or black hair.
Someone patched the three faces

together maybe imagining what
they would look like if they all
had lived and were a happy family

except the mother and the still-
born, baby girl were missing from
the faux, family photo.

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