The Trail

He jogged along a well-known trail
he had jogged upon before,
but as the shadows lengthened,
alarmed, he sensed a dark horror.

He stopped and listened to the wind
ripping strongly through the trees.
He looked both ways at shadows stark.
He wanted to run but could only freeze.

A dark cloud, so ominous
looked like a rattle snake’s shape
diving down from high above
it was then he jumped awake.

Are these dreams to awaken the soul
toward things in life to reconcile
or are they there to scare us blind
but open eyes to avoid life’s guile?

Are bad dreams a vehicle of grace
helping us do salvation’s task
turning us toward eternity’s face
of peace, justice, mercy that lasts?

It is his hope that God will turn
his bad dreams to mercy plans.
It is for sweet dreams that he yearns.
and yet, if it be God’s will,
he’ll gladly return to the trail
upon which he ran.

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