Deserving a Prayer

What an interesting position to
be in, seriously audacious when
you stop to think about it, but
here we are, not in hell watch-

ing someone who is. It sounds
arrogant, elitist and at the very
least egregiously judgmental, but,
actually, not so much to any of

that self-critiquing. Having said
that, it isn’t as if we don’t have
a foot in the fiery furnace which
burns the rubber sole of our shoe

(and it kind of takes one to know
one), but when you think about it,
it is kind of obvious in a disguis-
ed way. On the surface, this guy

has all the power in the world,
tells us how smart he is, how
he has everything under control,
is wealthy and is married to

a beautiful woman while he
apparently bedded down other
women. Sounds like the guy
has it made, right? Wrong.

He is utterly, totally delusional
about himself and reality and he
is completely bankrupt (to use an
apt capitalistic description) when

it comes to core values like
compassion, altruism, empathy.
He’s even lacking in one of the
lesser philosophical values —

enlightened self-interest. Yes,
he could do a lot of harm being
in the powerful, political position
he holds, but we can hope for the

checks and balances necessary to
cushion the world from disaster,
but simply on the subject of this
guy’s eternal (meaning now) resi-

dence, yeah, it’s hell. And if
that’s true, perhaps he needs a
prayer — for what is impossible
with humanity is possible with God.

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