Gilded Behavior

A lot of time is spent trying to make up
for previous sins. Think of Twain’s Gilded
Age and the avaricious, capitalistic exploiters

who spent tens of millions of jaded dollars
and ill-got gains in philanthropic efforts
to assuage guilty consciences and cleanse

reputations. Well, that was easy. How
about lately? Former president George W.
Bush continues to help Africa deal with

HIV following the deaths of approximately
a million humans during the US war with
Iraq, for God only knows what reason unless

you ask Bush’s VP, (I hesitate to name the
demonic name) Cheney who wanted all the oil
but didn’t get it. Okay, let’s bring this

closer to home. I had a half-beagle/half-
dachshund for fifteen years and, while I
loved him, in all honesty, did not treat him

very well. Some say “Happy,” the dog, will
be waiting for me at the pearly gates to
have “A Come to Jesus Moment.” So, what

have I done? Loved five Chocolate Labs
beyond all reason and allowed them all
to get away with way too much, all of it

being worthwhile and due penance. Damn,
I didn’t think I had so much in common
with Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan,

John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vander-
bilt, George Pullman, and George W.
Bush, the 43rd President of the US of A.

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