Why Don’t You Join the National Guard?

A white kid with an AR-15, a trench coat,
wearing nothing else, shot and killed
four black and brown kids in a restaurant
in a southern state.
He may be delusional,
but surely, it should be seen as a crime of hate.
Perhaps, he should have been in a
mental hospital run by the state;
whatever, he had his guns taken away,
but daddy gave them back to him
thus securing the stupid, white kid’s fate.
YAY, DADDY! You, go, NRA.
Shoot and run away
and come back with more guns
to shoot another day.
And what did the black kid do
to save his and others’ fate?
He grabbed the rifle, threw it over the
counter and chased the lunatic,
naked as a jay, away.
He didn’t grab the rifle and shoot,
which would have been the
choice of the NRA.
He just threw it away.
The white kid has been captured
without anymore deaths
by law enforcement officers who know
how to hunt best.
So, take that NRA.
Why don’t you and the rest of
the loony Second Amenders
join the National Guard,
the only militia that is
constitutionally A-okay?

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