A Dandelion Garden — The Rise and Fall of Behemoth In Trickle-Down Time

Behemoth, somewhere around the
mid-seventies, with the blessing
of avaricious trickle-downers,

began to devour mom and pop,
the town square, the church
on the corner and field, after

field, after field, after field. The
cemetery has become a dandelion
garden, not taking up any more

space than it did before because
there aren’t anymore bodies for
family plots. There aren’t any-

more families. Where did those
people go? Behemoth, growing ever
larger with an all-consuming appe-

tite, needed to be fed more and
more and so more fields were con-
sumed, and chemicals were used to

grow bigger seeds, faster and
Behemoth consumed the poison
seeds and became sterile because

of the seeds and could never produce
hybrid Behemoths, so more and more
seeds had to be made to feed hungry

Behemoth to keep him alive to
consume more and more and soon the
world was full of rotting, one-time,

one-purpose, poison seeds and no
more Behemoth with no family to
bury him in a family plot in a

cemetery on the edge of a town
that doesn’t exist anymore and
so, Behemoth rotted in the fields

filled with rotting one-time,
single purpose, poison seeds
near a dandelion garden.

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