The Heart’s Ride, for Matthew

The man felt his heart skip across
the pond and come to rest on a
turtle’s shell. The turtle reacted

with a start and dove off the stump
into the water carrying the man’s
heart along. The heart beat strongly

causing ripples on the surface which
grew to tiny white caps and slapped
against the shore. The heart watch-

ed from the bottom of the pond where
it was very quiet and still. A large-
mouth bass came along and the heart

hitched a ride. The man cast a creamer
worm on a hook; the bass struck; the
man played it up and down and around

the pond and reeled it in giving the
man’s heart quite a ride. The man
landed the fish, carefully removed

the hook, oxygenated the fish by mov-
ing it back and forth in the water
filling the fish’s gills and let it

go. The man walked to the car, his
heart pounding hard following
such a fine ride.

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