She Hadn’t Forgotten Her Feminine Wiles

So we adopted a six-year-old female Chocolate Lab
Who had just given birth to a litter followed by being
Spayed and then journeyed from one foster home
To another in short order. Needless to say, she had
Emotional issues and then we learned quickly she
Wasn’t leash trained and she is very, very strong
And we got workouts just trying to walk her down
The street and then to our everlasting gratitude,
We learned that she is content to be on an extended
Leash in the backyard. Other dogs within eyesight
Go nuts just looking at this beauty, but she, full
Of her feminine wiles just sits and glances
From barking dog to barking dog and if we are
Correct, there is a bit of a smile on that pretty
Face with a come hither look. Fortunately, the
Boys were all on extended leashes, too.

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