I Hear All the Bad News

I hear all the bad news of the day
the things the Republicans say are A-okay —
like imposing stiff tariffs
which will bring higher prices
as if anyone cares if
there are any tariffs
and stopping the deal with Iran
so we can get into another war — again and again and again.
I try to ignore all this, first thing in the morning
by reading meditations, my spiritual calling,
and then some poems, some I understand
and others I read before embarking on things planned
like doing last night’s dishes, making coffee,
jogging and then thinking America is on a
flight kamikaze.
It’s all quite disturbing
with an unknown ending,
so I’ll just read a mystery
and try to get a good night’s sleep
and hope for another morning
and wait for my meditations
appearing on my computer the next morning,
assuming there will be a next morning.

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