Peace, Peace When There Is No Peace

Ivanka looked lovely, smiling at the unveiling of the new embassy;
Jared actually spoke for a while, this time about peace upon peace;
The prisoners in Gaza, cut off in all directions, without anything
To lose, ran to the border with Israel and yelled, screamed, threw
Whatever was handy and were cut down, cut down, cut down at the
Border of their own prison, but fifty miles away, it was all smiles and
Peace, peace, peace ad nauseum and they cried peace when there was
No peace and the looney-tune, white evangelical Christians in power
Were smiling because they decided that Jesus would be coming that
Much sooner summoned by the control-freak Dominionists and Christian
Reconstructionists. Sweet Jesus, meek and mild, has no choice but
To follow directions and hurry up and descend on the Rock of the Dome,
Kill all the Muslims, abortionists, gays and thank Cyrus, the pagan pussy
Grabber, for protecting all white, evangelical Christians from blacks,
Browns, reds and yellows and all other heretics and public school students
And teachers, especially those of apostate, sacrilegious sex education.

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