He was put in the back of the class for talking.
The back of the class was a perfect place.
He could hide because everyone’s eyes

were looking the other way. He could see
everything. The windows were in a semicircle
semi-encircling the person who sat in the back

of class. That’s where he sat for punishment,
but it was heavenly. He could sit and stare
out the windows at the first and second and

third and fourth grade recess knowing that
fifth grade, his grade was next. And the only
set of eyes that looked at him while he was

gazing were the teacher’s. “Class dismissed
for recess, except for you, mister. Come to
the chalk board and write a hundred times,

‘I will not stare out the window during class.’
What you don’t finish before recess is over
you can finish after school.”

The sophomore biology teacher told him that
he had a really good personality and it would
make up for any lack of intelligence.

His senior business teacher told the class that
they could expect to get one grade lower
in college than what they got in high school.

He was predestined to be C plus.

His high school guidance counselor told
him that given his test scores, junior
college would be a good choice.

While he was in junior college, his mother
saw his mid-term history grade: “Why don’t
you quit and get a job?”

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