Where is Youngman When You Need Him?

If Henny were alive today
perhaps this is what he would say,
“You take the president; take
the president, please,” to paraphrase.
And while on that disturbing subject,
the more I think of the culprit,
the more I become misanthropic.
Once outgoing and gregarious,
I view life as more and more nefarious —
seeing the growing dark night
and only a little light —
(A night view of Edward Hopper’s
or a screaming scene of Edvard Munch?)
wary of Coney Island mobsters
and thoroughly corrupt coppers.
I insult Hopper’s paintings
but he captures my sad feelings
about the narcissistic, egotistical dealings
that have left our nation reeling.
And from Henny, a parting one-liner
for the McDonald’s diner,
“If you had to live your life over,
make it overseas,” Please!

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