As I Listen To Romantic Jazz

I try to be alert
but I only had one
political science
course in college
and it was taught
by an old, addled
ambassador to
somewhere whose
chief accomplish-
ment was that he
could deliver the
scotch booze to
the generals. I
didn’t do well.
And so now, as I
sit and listen to
romantic jazz, I
try to stay alert
to the threats
to our republic from
the outside in comp-
liance with inside
and there is no
doubt that the
fragility of
our democracy
is in a clear and
present danger and
I don’t know what to
do but cry out,
VOTE to the beat of
the romantic jazz;
freedom depends on
our votes. It’s the
genius of represent-
ative democracy —
the vote!!! or all
is lost……..It
could be Germany
Redux, bebop,
bebop, it
really could,
as we are lulled
to the sweet beat
of romantic jazz
or Wagner’s thump,
thump, thump of
the hooves of
the flight of
the Valkyries
in Germany.

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