The Journey of a Big, Brawny Bull

Big, brawny bull in a china shop
with a bass voice that would boom
across the room;
massive, bald, shiny pate
that would glisten in the sun or
under a spot light in a pulpit
fit for a potentate.
Indomitable, imposing, a force
with which to contend, if one
dared, most were scared.
He fell, shattering a hip,
fell again severing an Achilles tendon,
aging, his Achilles heel.
From a beach house
to a condo, top floor,
lots of views and fresh air
to a retirement home
to assisted living
to a wheel chair
to round the clock care,
“Where to from there?”
he asked in a soft, soft
almost whisper to which the nurse
half jokingly replied,
“For a man of your stature,
maybe a nice, big, black
But let the orderly
get the bed pan first.”

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