Celebrity Blather

Sick and tired of all the celebrity blather.
There are many books to read I would rather.

Perhaps it’s time for a Mulligan
Going back to the days of Ed Sullivan.

Every nasty, hateful thing ever written or said
By a celebrity is hereby pronounced dead,

Never to rise from the grave
On the promise that they all behave.

No arguments ad hominem,
No statements to harm any her, him or them.

If you can’t write without a personal attack,
Better be ready to be stabbed in the back.

Tell the truth as best you know it.
Otherwise you better just stuff it.

Be careful of e-mail, Twitter and Facebook
And before hitting send, take a close look

At what you have written.
Better to delete than be future smitten

Like losing a sitcom gig
Or finding out that up is the jig.

So, celebrities, take the Mulligan
Or be prepared to be fired again.

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