Birds and Fish (without Bees, Although They are Crucial to the Health of the Ecosystem)

Thirteen gold-fish several of whom look like koi after ten years 
     in the pond under all kinds of conditions perhaps the result of 
breeding in secret behind the cattail plant swim swimmingly in 
     clear water since the pond was overhauled; they see me on the 
balcony and swim to the end of the pond near the balcony. They 
     are hoping for something to eat. A couple of times during the 
week, a large flock of Cedar Waxwings dove into the upper pond 
     to bathe and then flew into the upper branches of the red pines 
in the pine grove and back down again several times before flying 
     away. Backyard summer birds flock to the two feeders now that the 
food is secured from the squirrels because of axle grease on the 
     frames. They seem to be completely unaware of what is going on 
in politics as the country confronts the intrusion of seeds of 
     fascism not to mention the very sad suicides of two celebrities. 
Are the birds and the fish (without bees although they are crucial 
     to the health of the ecosystem) onto something or am I simply
jealous of their focus?


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