“You Have to be Carefully Taught” —Elementary School, the Beginning of Indoctrination to White Privilege and the Saving Grace of a Few Good Sunday School Teachers — A Schizophrenic Education

The history of humanity
is not told with historical
accuracy in the history
of humanity, because
the history of humanity
is written by the victors,
plunderers and pillagers
who would never wish to
be seen at all as such
(It’s Custer’s Last Stand;
what a great white man.);
school children get a re-
visionist human history
that looks sweet and nice,
almost exclusively for
whites who are portrayed
as being nice and right
because their god is on
their side while black,
brown, yellow and red
people died. Thank
heaven for a few good
Sunday School teachers
who faithfully read the
red-lettered words of
the red-lettered Bible
and had the children
sing, over and over,
“Jesus loves the little
children, all the children
of the world, red and
yellow, brown, black
and white, they are
precious in his sight,
Jesus loves the little
children of the world.”

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