Where Glory Runs

Like Joshua I commanded
the sun to sit still in the sky.
I just wanted a little bit more time
for the sun to shine
so I could sit and pine
in the twilight of the day
to take in the glory
of the birds (even the bluejay),
the fish, the fox
who came to drink from the pond,
the red pines, white pines, hemlocks,
spruces beyond,
the flowers, annuals and perennials,
red, yellow, orange, blue
shining in the afternoon’s golden hue.
I just wanted one last look.
The earth continued on it’s path
and the sun went down
and in nature’s breathtaking,
waning moments
I knew where glory runs.
Trusting earth’s journey,
the rising again of the sun
I would rest content
awaiting glory’s
blazing moments
sprinting past,
my eager eye to catch.

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