Gut labor rights;
Gut gay rights;
Gut abortion rights;
Gut Muslim rights;
Gut your rights;
Gut my rights; 
Gut everyone’s rights
       Except white rights
            Which aren’t rights —
                   Just trumped-up majority rights —
                         Trumped up white privileges,
                                Which would shock all the 
Immigrants since 
      The foundation of the country —
          Probably some family of the 
              Members of the Supreme Court — 
                   Because they all came here 
                        For their rights like 
                             Everyone’s rights.
Gut your rights;
Gut my rights;
Gut your grandparents’ rights;
Gut your parents’ rights;
Gut all our rights 
     Until none of us has 
          Any rights at all 
               And the reincarnation of 
                    Hitler arrives to
Gut America and all 
     America’s rights.

1 thought on “Gutting

  1. We live now in a time of ultimate GOP dreams … undoing everything FDR did, everything LBJ did, everything Obama did … gutting everything … and when there’s nothing left to gut, they’ll gut themselves, because they just can’t stop gutting.

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