A Keen Observer, a Bel Esprit

He went for an early morning jog
because it was forecasted to get hot.

He saw ferns flutter along the trail
and thought it was a white tail.

He saw a black bear behind a tree,
but just a stump it turned out to be.

He thought he saw a fox cross the creek.
It was an old raccoon headed for a drink.

Up in the sky was a red-tailed hawk
then he heard the turkey vulture squawk.

Disappointed, he headed back to the car
when he saw an eagle from afar.

No, the keen observer wouldn’t be fooled this day —
he saw the great bird descend for prey.

Now excited, he couldn’t wait to tell his wife
about seeing all the magnificent wildlife.

With his eagle eye an eagle he did see —
affirming that he is a keen observer and bel esprit.

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