When Will We See?

When did money become so powerful,
such an aphrodisiac, something our
souls continually lust after? Was it
when Calvin gave the go ahead for
money to make money and we jumped
out of feudal society into the modern
capitalistic society? No, it had to
be before that. Shall we venture back
to the Golden Calf? Isn’t there some
ancient truth about not being able
to serve God and mammon/wealth?
So we just moved God over and made
the pursuit of wealth our god and we
have been worshiping the greenback
ever since, but it is just metal and
paper. Why do we love it so? Because
it can get us what we want? With
enough we can get stuff. But it’s not
the stuff we love is it? It’s just having
more and more and more of our god
because then we are the gods but now
we find that there are just a very few
gods, the vulture gods, who have almost
all the money and they still want more
and more and more and we lost our love
and now owe the bank what we love and
have lost and will never get it back.
And so the vulture gods lust and lust
and lust and we borrow, borrow, borrow
and lustful souls never rest and when
will we learn that we cannot serve God
and wealth? When will we learn that in
striving to own it all, we will lose our
souls? When will we learn that our
lust for the paper idol has brought us
to the pits of hell where only Satan is
god? When will we learn that “Thou hast
made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart
is restless until it finds its rest in thee” —
in your compassion, justice, mercy and
self-sacrificial love? When will we learn
that in giving up our lives for the sake of
others and their welfare as we see in Jesus
that we will gain our true selves and you, God?

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