Let Alone

Some fiend told him to do it
and he did it. He separated
three thousand children from

their parents at the border.
He was told that this would
be good for his poll numbers

with his base. He liked that.
And now three thousand
children are still separated

from their parents with no
plan to reunite them and the
president is on to some other

chaotic endeavor because
he really doesn’t care about
the three thousand children

or their parents; in fact, he
may not even recall the order
to separate the children from

their parents. He just wants
all of us to know that he is a
great writer who has written

several books while his first
ghost writer says that he
doesn’t even read let alone

write anything let alone a
book. Forget the books.
He is on to another deal.

Bring on the next deal.
What was the last deal?
Will someone in the White

House tell me what was
my last deal? Of course,
the children. They love me.

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