Oh, Stop!

Do you think he is really the
real Manchurian Candidate?
Is he really a genius who has
been scripted to do every-

thing he is doing? Has he
played dumb by claiming
just the opposite? Is he a
joke to the majority to lull

the majority into dismissing
him and his actions? Is he
going to subvert everything
at the direction of a super-

genius behind him? Or is
this just a figment of our
imagination and not any-
thing actually real at all and

that in just a minute, millions
and millions of us are going
to wake up and realize this
has been just another one

of those annoying night-
mares? Or is that just
wishful thinking? And that’s
lots of questions when while

we value the questions more
than the answers as a slogan
in a lot of progressive
Christian denominations,

wouldn’t it be nice to have
an answer once in a while,
especially concerning some-
thing as bizarre as this

president’s behavior? And
that’s another question,
isn’t it? Oh, please stop!
He’s winning at this, isn’t he?

Or is it the genius behind him?

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