A Safe, Sacred Place

An older man once told him when he was
only twelve that a woman’s vagina was a

dirty place. He didn’t know what to make
of that except that it didn’t sound right

coming from that older man. When he was
a young man, he heard another man, a

famous actor whose name he can’t recall,
say, in an interview, that women’s vaginas

are like a shark’s mouth with teeth point-
ing backwards waiting to shred flesh. That

sounded just awful. He recoiled upon hearing
that. Recently, another man, a married man

with grown children, told him he thought
women’s vaginas were ugly. Upon hearing

that he wondered if that man were a closeted
gay. The only thing he has ever experienced

as a man is the warm, moist, beautiful love
of his love’s vagina, a safe, sacred place.

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