Unike the unbiblical notion about Balaam tying his donkey, I tied my 
      ass to a tree and walked a mile and then my ass snapped back;
I would pull my limbs apart at the joints and
      watch and feel them jump back into place;
I would bend my legs forward at the knees doing what they
      weren’t meant to do and they would
spin round and round and flip this way and that
      right back the way they were intended to be; 
I would pull up my knee caps and twist them around each other
      clockwise and watch them fly fast counterclockwise and 
snap back into place; I would bend my fingers back till they 
      touched the top of my hand; I would let them sit there for 
awhile and then I would give them permission to go back to 
      the way they needed to be for me to type this;
Now, I don’t do any of those things (I actually never did); 
      I’m just glad most of me is still fitting pretty well together 
without tugging and pulling or pushing and shoving.


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