Fighting False Monikers Instead of Making A Legitimate Case

Grab the edge linguistically and you grab the edge period.

For instance, there are “Second Amendment Advocates,” which, of course, is code for keeping all the guns you want including military style weapons with no other purpose than to kill humans and sometimes in massive numbers.

The Second Amendment is in the Bill of Rights and belongs to all of us citizens including those who think the Second Amendment has nothing at all to do with hoarding guns, but has to do with establishing state militias which translates today into the National Guard with little or nothing in the amendment about owning guns for sport or protection either way.

But that group lost the high ground. They are perceived as soft on personal protection from enemies, within and outside the government, and against the liberty and right to own a gun at all.

Same with abortion. Those who are rabidly opposed to abortion grabbed the moniker “Pro Life” as if those who hold a different view of what is positive about life, it’s intricacies and complexities and moral quandaries are labeled anti-life and worse.

The high ground was lost to erroneous slogans and false labels. Those who lost the high ground monikers, regardless how misleading those monikers are, have been fighting against the labels ever since instead of using the time making the case for alternate views of what it means to be valid Second Amendment advocates and Pro-life proponents, which of course, is what they may rightly claim in a bigger, greater, more constitutional, moral, ethical and holistic, thoughtful, accurate, factual sense at the very least.

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