Painless Predictions and Pious Platitudes of Pain

So many people are full
of painless predictions:
“It will be okay.”
“Now, don’t you worry.”
“She will be alright.”
“Your father will be home soon.”
“She’ll pull through.”
“He’s one tough dude.” and
“God will take care of her,”
always seem to morph into
pious platitudes of pain
when something goes awry
which more often than not
it does,
“God wanted him more than we did.”
“God has a plan.”
“She needed to be with the Lord.”
“This life was too hard so God took her
to be in heaven.”
“She was too pretty for this world.”
Did you ever ask yourself why
people tell these cruel lies
over and over and over?
Because they can’t face
the reality that life is
full of injustice,
dumb luck and
it’s exact opposite
and in so doing,
inflict pain upon pain
as they walk out the door
trying fast
to get away from you
and your pain, the reality
of which they
simply can’t face. It’s
too painful.

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