He Read

He read “The stock market
is not the economy.”
Wages are stagnant.
The economy for most
is Humpty Dumpty.
“All the king’s horses
and all the king’s men
couldn’t put Humpty
Dumpty together again.”
Wages are stagnate;
the lies persist:
Don’t worry about
broken Humpty Dumpty;
his life is actually bliss.
Believe the broken promises
of an administration
bought and sold by the rich.
The market for the rich
inched up another inch.
Poor Humpty lies
by the side of the road
broken by broken promises
into the barren ground
his life blood flows.
Humpty sat on a wall
he thought was just the right height
to keep others out;
for this he would stand
up and fight.
He did and from that wall
he did fall,
his last words
quoting the poet, were
“Something there is that
doesn’t love a wall.”

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