Relishing a Pickled Mushroom*

The moral edifice embodied in
remembrance is something oral

historians count on but isn’t
there the embellishment factor

to factor into the embodied
edifice? You keep me in the

dark so much, you should start
a mushroom farm, so please don’t

keep me in suspenders any longer.
How does the story end? And don’t

embellish with relish your re-mem-                                                                                   brance of the mushroom who

walked into a bar and the bartender
told the mushroom that the bar

doesn’t serve mushrooms and the                                                                                     pickled mushroom said (you’re

going to relish this), “Why not?                                                                                                   I’m a fungi.”

*Lines and paraphrases and additions all mashed up from the novel The Bartender’s Tale by Ivan Doig,

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