She Looks Around*

She looks around and sees so much suffering.
She feels the suffering because things are not as 
    she would like them to be.
She is discontented. 
She wants things to be other than they are. 
She desires many things to ease the pain. 
She realizes that desiring things and not having 
    them make her discontented. 
She realizes that desiring things and getting them
    and being attached to them do not stop her from 
    being discontented. 
She realizes that the problem is desiring.
She seeks to “get shed” of desiring. 
She lets go. 
She practices right viewing, right thinking, right speaking, 
    right acting, right living, right diligence, right 
    mindfulness and right concentration.
She passes through “(1) the student, (2) the householder, 
    (3) the forest dweller or hermit (the “retiree” from 
    business as usual), and (4) the beggar or wanderer 
    (the wise or fully enlightened person who is not overly 
    attached to anything and is detached from everything 
    and thus ready for death).”
She will kill the Buddha, if she meets him on the road — 
    figuratively speaking. 

*idea from meditations on Eastern religions by Richard Rohr

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