Retirement Dreams — Misery Loves Company?

It’s happening again. Occupational hazard,
I guess. Does the retired surgeon dream of

not having the right tools or if she has
them, they aren’t sharp enough to make a

clean incision? Some even show a bit of
rust? The body is coming out from under

the anesthetic and she has to hurry with
the cut, patch the hernia, sew him up and

get him to recovery. She grabs the rusty
scalpel, digs in and the screams begin.

Wow! And I just go into a panic and wake up
in a sweat when I can’t seem to find a Bible

and have to get into the pulpit without
proper preparation. Parishioners might get

up and walk out in disgust but, at least,
no one is going to die of sepsis.

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