It’s Time to Be Done and Get On With Getting On

Except for the lunatic fringe base
the rest of the country sees
all this as a great waste.

It’s time to get on with the
things that make for meaning,
a sense of purpose, a good feeling.

Why are there so many articles on
how to live a happy life without
constant strife?

We are rattled to the bone
and the pros tell us not to
go it all alone.

Get out in nature, meditate,
exercise the compassion
nerve running down your spine.

Have faith that all will be fine.

“And all shall be well; all manner
of things shall be well.” Julian

Don’t indulge that which you’ve hated.

Take it all in.
Acknowledge it all,
and breathe it out again.

Here’s mud in your eye.
It’s time to celebrate.
Bye, bye.

It’s time to stand strong
and feel good that you stand against
all that is wrong.

Join hands, join hearts,
put your heads together
and know, as a country,

we can all do better.

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