Hotel Review

Old Quebec is old,
So is the little hotel
Where we are staying.
I feel cramped sitting
At the desk typing
This. I look to my left
And see the tiny fire-
Place. The original
French settlers must
Have been very small,
But very good builders
Because the architecture
Is incredible and has
Held up very well through
The years, except that
The two of us staying here
For a wedding anniversary
Wonder if the buildings
Are fire traps. There don’t
Seem to be good escape
Routes. The local Pinot
Grigio is very good. My
Goodness, that is a tiny
Fireplace. The regular
Size bed hardly leaves
Room to get around it.
I keep wondering what
They burned in the fire-
Places. Kindling? That
Wouldn’t last very long.
Teensy logs of wood?
Not much longer. In
The winter the nights
Would get very cold.
Coal? Really? I’ll have
To remember to ask
The front desk clerk.
The painting doesn’t
Match the room. It’s
One of those cheap
Warehouse things.
Other than that, the
Pinot Grigio really is
Good. Oh, and the
Stone walls are nice.
Is that smoke I smell
Or just the restaurant

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