Caps On, Christians

The theologian wrote it;
She tried to sugar coat it
With “perhaps”:
“Perhaps, those whom we value least
Have the most to teach,”

She was a poet.
Did she know it?
She was also spot on,
Without the “perhaps.”
To this, Christians, in humility
Take off those ecclesial caps.

{The man encountered an abrupt,
Rude, dismissive customer service rep
For the airlines when he checked in.
She is black and he is white and he
Felt his racism rise. And then he had
To check his feelings. There is reason
There, two hundred years of reasons
There and he has to understand that.}

In that moment, he valued her least,
But she had much to teach.
He had time before his flight
To get it spiritually right.

Caps on, Christians.
All aboard!

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